Quality Food: Frankly about the harming of 75 individuals



Dmitry Pronin, theproprietor of Healthy Food, shared honestly about the occasions that occurred in his
organization when on July 15 it was reported in the media that 75 individuals had been harmed by
items purchased at Healthy Food booths. Incidentally the name of the organization converts into Russian
as "Healthy Food".

Dmitry has taken an extremely genuine position and customers have been exceptionally satisfied with this, with the immense
larger part of them supporting the business person.

Allow me to advise you that Dmitry's plan of action is that coolers are introduced in workplaces and office
workers can take food from that point and pay for it on a self-administration premise, for example the entire business
spins around trust. Clearly, this worked in the present circumstance – Dmitry confided in the purchasers, and
they currently trust him. Starting today, creation has halted, however just under 10% of the 200 outlets
have abandoned Healthy Food; the rest are calmly trusting that the story will unfurl.

Self-administration frameworks, where clients check items themselves, are progressively being embraced,
also, the retail market in general is moving like that, so this experience is important to the
entire market.

The circumstance is however grievous as it could be informational for those included. Dmitriy shared how his rivals
seen his "fall", how proficient Rospotrebnadzor, and will occur straightaway. He portrayed it
exhaustively in his Facebook post.

Here are a few passages:

On contenders.
"What about contenders? I’m helped to remember an old Indian saying: 'if you need to get taller, stand on
the carcass of a comrade'. Indeed, in 2017 we made a specialty, turning into its chief and fostering a
market for 'office refrigerators' (for our situation Healthy Eating Stations). And afterward on Black Mon
15.07.2019, that all different. During the week I got a few messages of help from individual
advertisers, which was important. There was some "yes you are experiencing issues, yet assuming we are
offered, to have your spot, we will accept". In actuality, it looked somewhat changed: a call to clients
saying "HF has enormous issues, they won't go up once more, eliminate them, put us in".

About Rospotrebnadzor (RPN).
It was a disclosure to Dmitry Pronin that "The RPN utilizes experts (disease transmission specialists,
bacteriologists, and so forth), individuals who are truly enthusiastic about their calling and consider it their
obligation to guarantee sanitation. Why the disclosure? Since an exchange arose, about the past and the
future, that's what truly turned my cognizance potential gain down."

Vegetarian man mixing vegetable salad in bowl

About clients who dismiss and the people who accept.
"In the initial fourteen days, under 9% of clients, including consultancies, got some distance from us like the
plague, which was nothing unexpected. Yet, most of clients, ideally visitors as well, remained with us,
standing by to hear back and having faith in the association. I might want to share and respect, for instance,
the way of behaving of clients – worldwide vehicle brands, worldwide airplane brands – who get what
fabricating is, what the enterprising dangers and misfortunes are. They are quietly sitting tight for a
reaction and will proceed cooperating."

What next?
"Production is shut forthcoming the result of the examination. half of the staff has been cut, so
have deferred costas that will no affect future incomes. What income am I referring to
when there is no in-house item? We are concurring with the RPN on a model for beginning deals
(for a brief time) without our own item at north of 200 wellbeing food stations and two dozen bistros. We purchase
instant item from outsider makers (concurred with the RPN, we have checked 27
makers) and deal it at our outlets, working as indicated by the model of our rivals.



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