What to Take on a Picnic




Taking everything into account, how might you set up a respectable trip?

As ensured, a trip doesn't mean burden here at Quechua! Expecting you really want to
trip in comfort, make sure to take with you:

– a refuge, to safeguard yourself from sun and wind

– a plaid or enormous cover to sit on

– outside games to have a great time (ball, boules set…)

– a cap or visor or cap, anything you like, yet safeguard yourself from the sun!

– sunscreen, to make an effort not to return to the working environment dazzling red the next day

Since you have something to sit on and live it up, this is what you'll need to participate in your

– lunch box, to take your supper with you

– cutlery, so you don't get your fingers disgusting

– towels for a wonderful wash (reusable, ideally)

– a cooler or cooler backpack

– ice packs

– salt and pepper

– a deny sack to assemble your misfortune in

– boxes to bring back your additional items

– a Swiss outfitted force edge

– a wine device

– a can opener

– a container opener

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Taking everything into account, is it better to take a cool box or cooler backpack?

It's basic – in the event that you're going for a stroll and, given that this is valid, go for a cooler backpack; or
you don't hope to walk around show up at your excursion spot, in which case, go for a fundamental cooler!

What kind of cooler?

– versatile coolers: you can get them in different sizes, going from 10 to 35 liters. They partake in the
advantage of being lighter, less complex to convey and store, and arrangement splendid warm security. Our fragile
coolers save things cold for some place in the scope of 5 and 9 hours, when in doubt, and our inflatable
coolers keep your food new for up to 17 hours, all without ice packs!

– rigid coolers are generally more for the most part used in camping out, since they're
greater and more bulky. In any case, they partake in the advantage of having the choice to be
used as a seat or minimal table similarly as saving things cold for some place in the scope of 13 and 14
hours, dependent upon the model.

Unsure what to eat?

As a goody, consider taking food assortments that are easy to eat:

– Vegetables to nibble (olives, cherry tomatoes, radishes, youngster carrots), maybe with a little hummus

– Chips.

– Something to make little sandwiches (spreads, cream cheddar, meat…)

– Frankfurter cuts

The essential course:

Everything depends upon the quantity of you there are and if you'll walk. In any case, make certain
to bring food sensible for everybody's inclinations, with a vegetarian decision for individuals who don't
eat meat or fish.

The things of beauty are overall:

– A wide range of lovely cakes (sun-dried vegetables, ham and olives…)

– Quiches or tarts (quiche lorraine, salmon and spinach, leek…)

– Huge servings of leafy greens, generally of rice or pasta

Baked good and refreshments:

For the baked good, new natural item plates of leafy greens are regularly the stars of picnics; but
for certifiable foodies, heated merchandise will be by and large gladly received! Treats or cakes will accomplish the work

Finally, make sure to bring around 1/2 a liter of water (carafes, water holders or water
packs) per individual for the dinner. Nevertheless, in the event that you're climbing, try to take
more! For youngsters, you can bring normal item squeeze.

No idea where to go for an outing?

The following are a couple of clues on places you could go for an excursion with family, associates or with your

You can continue to recharge your batteries at the water's edge, whether or not it's near
a lake, a stream or the sea. It's the best game plan assuming there ought to emerge an event of strong
hotness, where you can chill between two pieces. It's the best spot for energetic and old to have a great time.
The fundamental inconvenience: be cautious with sand on your plates if you choose around
the sea!

Might you want to immerse yourself in the center of nature while doing a little activity? Then, at that point, at that
point, go for the mountains! Similarly as having an unadulterated setting enclosed by vegetation, you can go for a
move to show up at your trip spot. Obviously, the boondocks can offer fairly cool!

Finally, you're visiting the region and need to switch off just close to home? Have a picnic
in the amusement place! You can generally participate in the workplaces and accommodations on offer,
like tables, containers or even lavatories. Also, there are oftentimes play districts for your
adolescents to have a few fun times!



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